Testimonials - What It's Like to Work with Jackie

"Jackie Trepanier is one of those special people you meet in your career that makes you look back and say "wow". I had the privilege to work with Jackie for over 10 years. During that time period, she held senior leadership positions in two of my companies. In each of her roles, she was a "difference maker". She not only did a fantastic job in terms of performance, attention to detail, reaching objectives, and driving meaningful results, but she also had a positive impact on those around her. She has the perfect mix of rock solid business skills combined with empathy and people-skills that make her an ideal leader.

Jackie is a rare person in that she brings a full suite of assets to her clients, all of whom will be lucky to have hired her. I give Jackie my highest possible recommendation on both a personal and professional level. Simply put, she is a rock-star and will add tremendous value to any organization, large or small."

- Josh Linkner, Founder, ePrize LLC

"Jackie is a great coach and business leader. She listens, asks thought provoking questions, and offers inspiring guidance.

Jackie brings a unique blend of business acumen, people development, and coaching skills to the table that benefit leaders seeking a coach and expert to help them take their business to the next level. She understands and empathizes with the challenges that today's business leaders face because she has successfully lead teams and business operations from startup through maturity.

Jackie offers keen coaching skills along with relevant and insightful business experience."

- Marla Booth, Business Amplification, FOURSIGHT Creative Group, Inc.

"Jackie Trepanier is always on the A team - first to be picked and usually MVP. While her leadership career has spanned several areas including Project Management and Human Resources, she now has found her true calling as a coach. Jackie has the unique ability to bring out the very best in people using their strengths while finding solutions to their weaknesses.

Her insights are priceless. You will amazed at the way she will work to solve your problems, conquer your fears and complete your goals. In addition to seeing the big picture of any problem, she crosses her t's and dots every last i. No project is left unfinished, no email is left unanswered. You can trust with anything from returning your call to keeping your secret ambitions private.

Would I recommend Jackie to a friend, family member, CEO, President, up-and-comer, entrepreneur, the butcher, the baker or candle stick maker? YES. But only if she still had time to coach me. Jackie Trepanier is the one resource I can't live without. Contact her today to change your life."

- Alesya Opelt, Founder of Alesya Bags

"Jackie possesses deep business acumen and the highest levels of professional integrity. Her coaching is impactful, as it fosters her clients' abilities to take their professional games up many levels. It has been a privilege for me to be her client.

For a leader who is serious about reaching their true potential in business and in life, Jackie Trepanier's ability to get them there is unmatched."

- Jordan Broad, CEO, The Institute for Applied Creativity, LLC

"I've known Jackie since 2004. In that time, I've decided that one would only spend time with her if you wanted to: recalibrate, lighten up, go deep, solve a problem, change your thinking, feel empowered, share a laugh, learn something, be impressed, grow as a person, change careers, gain clarity, do a gut check, get unstuck, get a boost, discuss a challenge, develop a plan, achieve goals, get a road map, ask a tough question, find a path, motivate others, or learn something new."